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Easter Exhibition, 13-22 April

We have a feast of an exhibition open to the public from 13th - 22nd April featuring artists, Tess Gartland-Jones, Anne-Marie Ellis, Ben Payne and Tania Oko.


Tess Gartland-Jones

Tess Gartland-Jones paints evocative seascapes and landscape. Tess is based in Brighton UK and her paintings are inspired by remote places, wild coastlines, untouched nature, tranquility and storms. Tess is exhibiting new paintings that have been inspired by a year of exploring areas of natural beauty from deserts to mountain tops and remote coastlines. These atmospheric and crafted works, with layers of glaze and techniques akin to the traditional masters united in a contemporary manner will resonate with those who have a love of nature that is not necessarily for the faint hearted.

Anne-Marie Ellis Oko:Art.png

Anne-Marie Ellis

Anne-Marie Ellis gained a degree in fashion design and has had a successful career in fashion for the past 20 years.  Her design discipline and aesthetic vision influences Anne-Marie's artworks;  both in use of colour and stylish subject matter.  A palette of muted greys and timeless black and white are enlivened with bright accents and the occasional flash of neon.  The textures of lace and the smoothness of glass are rendered in acrylics.  In her artwork the dramatic darkness and strong light capturing the translucency of glass are influenced by the Dutch masters, while the graphic style and spatial awareness come from studying the great fashion illustrators. In the same way a perfume can evoke a memory, a painting can capture emotion, and Anne-Marie paints the things she loves and the beauty she sees in the everyday. Her paintings are feminine and sensual, a commentary on her life as a woman.

Ben Payne Oko:Art.png

Ben Payne

Over the past 14 years, Ben Payne's work has been sold through over 40 galleries across the UK. He has worked with the country's leading commercial art dealers and publishers. From his loose and fluid floral work to his widely-recognized land and seascapes, the diversity of Ben's work has attracted collectors across the UK and beyond. His original paintings now hang in homes and businesses in 21 countries worldwide.

Tania Oko Fluid Art.png

Tania Oko

Tania Oko is an artist living in Godalming, Surrey. She studied Fine Art at Saint Martins College, London 2006-08.  Tania is a contemporary artists and her practice explores light and shade through different mediums and surfaces. Tania will be exhibiting her new figurative and landscape inspired fluid artworks as well as her conceptual portraits from her ‘Journey’ series. The conceptual ‘Journey’ artworks are based on paintings and drawings of portraits during peaceful, contemplative moments while travelling which are then abstracted to basic lines and shadows.

Tania Oko