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Gallery Hire

Hire Oko:Art Gallery for solo or group exhibitions.

Oko:Art Gallery is a unique and flexible space for you to host your exhibition.  Moveable walls and hanging systems allow you to curate the space.  The high ceilings and walls make Oko:Art Gallery the perfect venue for showcasing large sculptures and paintings.

Situated just off the Guildford Bypass, the gallery has about 100 square meters indoor exhibition area, comprising up to 60 linear meters of white wall hanging space and plenty of floor space for plinths or free standing sculptures.

For smaller exhibitions or for photographing your work we create smaller areas to showcase with about 20 meters of white wall hanging space and 30 meters squared floor space.

Below are the rates for artists. If you are interested in the space for corporate events, please get in touch via email info@okoart.co.uk

Full gallery hire is £200 per day (minimum 1 days) or £500 per week*

Smaller Gallery hire is £100 per day (minimum 1 days) or £300 per week*

Gallery space hire to hang your work and photograph it £60* for 6 hours (between 9am-5pm)!

We can arrange for 3-5 artists to show as a group for 10 days for about 10-12m linear meters hanging space each. Please contact us if you are interested in this. We charge £150* for 10 days exhibition (Friday - Sunday) and 20%+vat for commissions.

The hire price includes gallery preparation and clean, so when your show is over you can just take your works down and go, leaving us to fill all the holes, re-paint walls and clean the gallery. We advertise your exhibition on this website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and our subscribed mailing list at no extra charge. We encourage artists and photographers to use their own promotions and contacts too.

We also offer additional services including invigilation, storage, transporting art work, installation & take-down. Please contact us for more info on pricing or if you want to view the space.

For more details and useful downloads visit Need to Know.

*prices are exclusive of VAT