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FAQ for hiring space


Download Studio Hire T&Cs, Gallery Hire T&Cs.


Will Oko:Art advertise my event? 
Yes if you are holding an art exhibition and you want us to. We will advertise your exhibition on Oko:Art website, Facebook page, Instagram and local Community pages. We will also send invites for your opening night to our subscribed contact list. It is very important that you generate your own advertising and promotion too, as even though we try to attract people to your show we cannot make any guarantees regarding numbers of visitors to the exhibition or to the opening night.

Can I put screws, nails, hooks etc into the gallery walls? 
We provide a hanging rail system to avoid the use of screws and nails. However, if you have work that requires fixing in a different way, please contact us to confirm. You must remove all nails/screws/fixings etc before you hand the gallery back to Oko:Art. 

Do I have to fill the holes that I leave in the gallery walls, in order to get my deposit back? 
No. As long as the holes left are just from standard screws or nails then Oko:Art will fill all holes after your hire term is over. 

Can I hang anything from the ceiling? 
No, the gallery space has very high ceilings with hanging lights and fans. It is not appropriate for supporting anything.

Do I need to repaint the floor in order to get my deposit back? 
No but you must not paint or spill anything on the floor that cannot be easily cleaned with standard floor detergent.

Do I need to clean the gallery in order to get my deposit back? 
We recommend that you keep the gallery clean during your exhibition, using the equipment provided (bins, brushes, mops). However, as long as the gallery is not excessively dirty, you do not need to clean the gallery in order to retrieve your damage deposit. Please just make sure that the floor is swept or vacuumed. 

Can I adjust the gallery lighting? 
Yes. There are a limited number of spotlights that are optional. Please discuss any specific lighting requirements you have in advance. The hirer will be shown exactly how to hang the extra lights this when they hire the gallery space. 

Does the gallery have heating? 
Yes. Do not use any other heaters in the gallery other than those supplied. 

Do you supply plinths? 
Yes, The plinths can be turned upright and used as plinths, turned on their side and used as benches or whatever you want. Please discuss your requirements in advance to ensure there are enough plinths. Make sure that when you are moving plinths that they are lifted away from the floor rather than dragging them. Do not take the plinths outside. 

Where are the power points? 
There are lots of double power points in the gallery walls, see the floor plan (download link above) for locations marked “PP”. 

Can I get a refund on my down payment if I cancel my booking? 
If you cancel within 6 weeks we cannot make a refund. If a booking is cancelled we immediately make those dates available again.
If you have any questions or require clarification of any of the above points then please let call 07740064751 or email info@okoart.co.uk.